New! As we near internship season, an interesting take on the value of internships from the UK. 

NEW! If you missed Tina Brown on NPR, you can read what she thinks and what she’s read at

NEW! For anyone in a new leadership position, this article talks about “Relational Capital” also known as building relationships. The article, “Building Relational Capital,” by Larry Goldstein and Patrick Sanaghan is available online at

NEW! “How to Develop Yourself as a Nonprofit Leader,” available online at

NEW! Bremmer, Kathy. “Five Challenges Facing Nonprofit Boards,” available online at Be sure to note that the last of these five challenges is “Planning for Leadership Continuity.”

NEW! Linnell, Deborah. “Creative Disruptions: Sabbaticals for Capacity Building and Leadership Development in the Nonprofit Sector” available online at

Bridgespan Group. “Finding Leaders for America’s Nonprofits” available online at

Boroff, Phillip ” Museum Of Modern Art’s Lowry Earned $1.3 Million 2008-2009,” on

Tierney, Thomas J. “The NonProfit Sector’s Leadership Deficit: Executive Summary”, 2006. A review of nonprofits with budgets over $250,000. “For This Guru, No Question is Too Big,” in The New York Times, Sunday, May 24, 2009. Assessing the Chief Executive, available in print and online versions at

Kennedy Center Arts Education Leadership Kit available online in pdf at

Resource Interview with Michael Kaiser available online at There are additional interviews in this series titled Lessons from Leaders. Pierce, Susan Resneck. Boards and Presidents: After the Hire. Available online at Managing in Tough Times: 7 Steps. Available at

Lobell, Jean R. and Paul M. Connolly, Peak Performance: Nonprofit Leaders Rate Highest in 360-Degree Reviews,Nonprofit Quarterly, December 21, 2007. Also available at

Rosenbaum, Lee, Culture Grrl, Help Wanted and Desperately Needed at the National Academy, available at Lee Rosenbaum’s often irreverant and straight-to-the-point approach to an organization recently in the news.

Nick Tasler and Lac Di Su, The Emotional Ignorance Trap, January 16, 2009 issue of Business Week and available online at

Ruth McCambridge, An Interview With Shannon Maynard and Robert Grimm, The Nonprofit Quarterly, Fall 2008 and available online at

Connor, Alana. The Toughest Job You’ll Never Get, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Summer 2008.

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Taylor, Russell Willis, Museum Leaders, A Renewable Resource?, Museum News August/September 2007

Zust, Christine. Putting Off Procrastination for Good. Available at The Web site contains many useful articles on the nuts and bolts of leadership.