Web sites with general information on leadership and more specifically on museum leadership.

NEW! This isn’t a Web site, but for those of you with supportive & generous boards who are interested in leadership know that the week of May 3rd, Betsy & Dick DeVos gave $22.5 million to the Kennedy Centers Arts Management Institute.  You can listen to the Kennedy Center’s  Michael Kaiser in a recent interview by visiting our own WAMC  at www.publicbroadcasting.net/wamc/news.newsmain/article/3566/0/1645105/WAMC.Speakers.Corner/Alan.Chartock…In.Conversation.with.Michael.Kaiser.of.the.Kennedy.Center

NEW! If you haven’t visited Rosetta Thurman’s Web page and your interested in questions of leadership particularly as they pertain to women & minorities, now is your chance. www.rosettathurman.com

Check out this Green Paper titled “The Future of Leadership,” written last month by the Americans for the Arts Emerging Leader Council. blog.artsusa.org/artsblog/wp-content/uploads/greenpapers/documents/EmergingLeaders_GreenPaper.pdf

For those moments when you are presented with an ethical dilemma, know that the NonProfit Quarterly now has a column called the Nonprofit Ethicist available online at NonprofitQuarterly.org.

NEW! museosunite.blogspot.com. For anyone who is interested in issues of salary equity this is a great blog.

NEW! A video linkby Ann Mulchahy on leading through tough times.www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/video/2009/07/15/VI2009071502025.html?referrer=emaillink

nysarts.typepad.com/nysartsblog/2008/09/leadership-succ.html: An online leadership and succession course posted on the New York State Arts Blog. Written for arts organizations, it provides general information on succession and leadership transition. A quick, compact way to introduce the subject to board members or staff.

www.getty.edu/leadership/: The web site built around the Museum Leadership Institute, the Getty Foundation’s program for leadership development.

www.aam-us.org/getinvolved/emp/index.cfm: The American Association of Museum’s emerging professionals page.

www.aaslh.org/histadmin.htm: The gateway to the American Association for State and Local History’s Seminar for Historical Administration. Now in its 49th year, it provides a three-week boot camp for mid-career directors of historical organizations.

www.hks.harvard.edu/hauser/learn/onlineexeced/index.htmlThe web page for Harvard’s Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations. Provides access to the Hauser’s online education programs, course guides and publications.

mgnsw.org.au/resources/volunteers/ : Information on volunteer succession planning from Australia.

: A blog titled Philanthro Media by Caroline Heine discusses what makes a good nonprofit leader.

www.artsusa.org/networks/emerging_leaders/default.asp: An emerging leader network based at Americans for the Arts.