How Do We Prove the Value of Museums? Annual Conference Registration Now Open

Have you made your plans yet to join your colleagues from across New York State at the 2011 NYS Museums in Conversation conference this April 3-5 in Buffalo?  You won't want to miss the timely, forward-thinking discussions about the critical importance of proving our value.

As museums and heritage organizations across our state argue their cases for greater integration in an increasingly stressed educational system, for attendance and volunteerism in increasingly time-constrained leisure hours, and for funding in an increasingly challenging economic climate, the need to prove the value of our work to a whole host of stakeholders is more critical than ever. But what values to quantify and how to do it? And who will care unless we can compellingly convey our impact?

Examining the value proposition with us will be Marsha Semmel, IMLS Deputy Director for Museum Services and Director for Strategic Partnerships, and Michael Frisch, Professor of History & American Studies/ Senior Research Scholar at the University at Buffalo, SUNY.  Barbara Soren, museum consultant and adjunct at the University of Toronto, will facilitate three working conversations to develop and articulate museums' value to individuals and communities.

Plan on leaving this conference with new strategies for proving your institution's value to your stakeholders.

We're also looking for your short videos about the value of museums for a fun contest!  The deadline for video submission is March 4th.

To learn more and register, visit: