MANY's Newest Survey Focuses on Trends for 2011

As MANY develops a new white paper for the field and our stakeholders about the key issues facing New York State museums this year, we're looking for your input on a number of trends that may be impacting your work. Your responses will be added to the feedback we received from our Member Briefings last fall. With your help we will be able to articulate a thoughtful examination of the challenges now shaping the state's museum community.

We thought we'd share some early responses with you:

  • 68% of respondents are reporting that their greatest staff retention challenges this year are in leadership and mid-level positions
  • 64% report that programmatic funding from all sources will be tougher this year than last
  • 56% are boosting emphasis on attracting new members; only 31% say they're emphasizing member retention
  • 52% say the global economic crisis will have some effect on them this year
  • Only 1/3 of respondents report that they're actively engaged in improving governance this year