The State of New York’s Museums: 2011

New White Paper Unveiled at Buffalo Conference During the business meeting this morning at the NYS Museums in Conversation conference in Buffalo, MANY Director Anne Ackerson unveiled a new white paper profiling the state of New York's museum community and outlining a list of agenda items it hopes state leaders will address in the coming year. According to the new white paper, the State's museums and cultural organizations drive local and state economies, steward vast and exceedingly diverse collections, educate millions of adults and children, generating one billion dollars for the State's economy annually. Among the challenges MANY defines for New York state's museum community is to "work together to promote the MANY community to New York State Tourism so that it understands what the State’s 1,900 museums, heritage organizations, zoos, botanical gardens and aquariums do." MANY also asks State legislators and the State Department of Education to "wherever possible, create a seat at the table for museums during discussions and planning for educational initiatives, economic development and tourism." Further, the agenda asks that "New York State, help ensure that SED and the University of the State of New York have a deeper understanding of the museum community it regulates, the challenges it faces, and that it acknowledges innovation, imagination and success of museum education programs across the State, recognizing that the educational contributions of museums are equal to those of libraries, archives and public broadcasting." "Our industry faces many operational and programmatic challenges: layoffs, program cutbacks, and funding losses plague many institutions in a sector known for leveraging every dollar it receives," MANY Director Anne Ackerson said. "We've taken more than our share of reductions from state and local governments, despite the value we create for our communities. We want to be -- and need to be -- an active part of the educational, economic development, and tourism conversations taking place at every level in our state." Download here: The State of New York's Museums: 2011 (PDF, 211KB)