MANY-Museumwise Consolidation Update

What’s that saying – the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step? Since our announcement at the 2011 Museums in Conversation conference in Buffalo that MANY and Museumwise are exploring consolidation options, a joint taskforce (the T7) chose organizational development consultant Scott Sears to facilitate our deliberations. We’re happy to report that we’ve begun the journey!

Our process includes an initial assessment of the programs, operations, and future plans of both organizations to identify commonalities, overlaps, and points of divergence.  This will establish a foundation for two joint board meetings and several points of engagement to involve members, program partners, funders and other stakeholders.    Input from all of you is key to helping us understand what a consolidated organization must do….and ought to be able to do.

Last week’s T7 conference call with Scott focused on how we will engage and communicate with all of you.  Our hope is to make our deliberations as transparent as possible so that you’ll feel as though you have a front-row seat as we navigate the issues.   So, we’re drafting a written plan that identifies who our  stakeholders are and how we will reach out to you.  We’ll need to balance surveying and interviewing with the resources available, but our aim right now is to cast a wide net.   And, always, if you’ve got a question or comment about what we’re doing, send it along.  We need to hear from you.