Young Nonprofit Professional Network Report: Good in Theory, Problems in Practice

Young Nonprofit Professionals Network recently surveyed over 1,100 emerging nonprofit leaders across the country. Conducted in Spring 2011, YNPN’s National Voice Survey tested several interventions targeting leadership development in the nonprofit sector.  The full report was launched in the Fall of 2011 at Independent Sector’s NGEN conference.

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The Findings

YNPN tested five popular recommendations for increasing talent retention and strengthening emerging leadership in the nonprofit sector via a national survey and focus groups:

  • Nonprofits should offer more competitive compensation.
  • Nonprofits should invest in building “bench strength”
  • Nonprofits should engage in inclusive succession planning
  • Nonprofits should prioritize diversity
  • Nonprofits should move away from traditional organizational structures and chief executive roles

The final report, Good in Theory, Problems in Practice lays out the key findings informed by this research.