Annual Appeal Update

We are pleased that 31 donors, several of them member institutions, responded so generously to the 2011 Annual Appeal. This group got us to just beyond our budgeted goal of $3500, and for that we are very grateful.

MANY President John Haworth has asked us to stretch our goal by $500 to bring the total to $4000. Can we do it? With YOUR help we can and we will!! Please consider a first-time or additional gift to the 2011 Annual Appeal and make your contribution online via this link:

Our thanks to this great group of donors:

Charles Bauder
Michael Botwinick
Melissa Chiu
Nadezda Davis
Louis Grachos
Pamela Green
John Haworth
Joy C. Houle
Carle Kopecky
R. Beth Klopott
Suzanne LeBlanc
Beth E. Levinthal
Mark Mortenson
Linda Norris
Steve Rooney
Bart Roselli
Patricia P. Sands
Amy Schwartz
Gwen Spicer
Ivan Steen
Diana S. Waite
Nick Westbrook

Big Springs Historical Society, Caledonia
Geneva Historical Society
Neuberger Museum of Art
Oneida Community Mansion House
Slate Valley Museum, Granville
The Jewish Museum, NYC

Bags Unlimited, Rochester
Edison Price Lighting, NYC
West Lake Conservators, Skaneateles

Want to add your name to this illustrious list? You still can! Just visit here to make your donation.