Articulating Value - Year-end Giving Campaigns

Million Dollar List NY - Number of Gifts by Subsector, Over Time - 2012

'Tis the season for Year-end Giving Campaigns - Like many of you the Museum Association of New York's Annual Appeal is in full swing. Each campaign seeks to inspire, empower, (perhaps implore) our members, friends and stakeholders to demonstrate their support for the work that we do in serving our missions. We strive to find the balance between highlighting the year's accomplishments and projecting future endeavors whilst being mindful of the need to address critical challenges.

On this topic, I have been following the Marketplace's Wealth and Poverty Desk series A Lot to Give. They're taking an inside look at the rarefied air of big donors and philanthropy exploring why we give, who is giving and to whom we give.

To get a further sense for who is giving and whom they are supporting take a look at The Million Dollar List, a project of the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. The list is a public and free record of publicly reported gifts of $1 million or more since 2000. The site enables you to investigate philanthropy data by Donor, by Recipient, by Location or read the Findings. Click here to review the data from New York State.