MANY-Museumwise Consolidation Update

May 31, 2011
What’s that saying – the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step? Since our announcement at the 2011 Museums in Conversation conference in Buffalo that MANY and Museumwise are exploring consolidation options, a joint taskforce (the T7) chose organizational development consultant Scott Sears to facilitate our deliberations. We’re happy to report that we’ve begun the journey!

Amended Regents Rule 3.27 Regarding Criteria for Deaccessioning

May 20, 2011
This link takes you to the background information the NYS Board of Regents received regarding the amendments to Regents Rule 3.27.  It contains State Education Department responses to comments received during the public comment period, some of which point to possible future refinement of the Rules.

NYS Board of Regents Approve Deaccessioning Criteria

May 17, 2011
This month's Board of Regents meeting (held in Albany May 16-17) generated a lot of buzz.  For the museum community, the Regents passed new criteria and revised language regarding deaccessioning (here's a synopsis via culturegrrl:

It's Back to the Future for Cultural Tourism in NYS

Apr 15, 2011

MANY and Museumwise Investigate Joint Service Model

Apr 08, 2011
During the business meeting portion of the 2011 NYS Museums in Conversation Conference in Buffalo, MANY and Museumwise board chairs John Haworth and Michele Philips made the following announcement regarding the intention of both organizations to explore possible consolidation of services:

It's a Wrap

Apr 06, 2011

The State of New York’s Museums: 2011

Apr 04, 2011

Museum Advocacy Day 2011: Washington, DC

Mar 11, 2011
This year's Museum Advocacy Day drew 310 museum representatives from 46 states to Washington to speak with Senators and Congressmen about the importance of museums and museum funding.  In two days, 250 visits were made on the Hill.

Proposed NYS Board of Regents Regulation on Deaccessioning Now Available for Comment

Mar 04, 2011
The Regents Ad Hoc Committee on Deaccessioning has completed its work and a draft regulation outlining criteria for deaccessioning for Regents chartered museums and historical societies is now available for your comment.    The text of the proposed regulation was published in the March 2, 2011 State Register, which can be accessed at: 

MANY's Newest Survey Focuses on Trends for 2011

Feb 06, 2011
As MANY develops a new white paper for the field and our stakeholders about the key issues facing New York State museums this year, we're looking for your input on a number of trends that may be impacting your work. Your responses will be added to the feedback we received from our Member Briefings last fall. With your help we will be able to articulate a thoughtful examination of the challenges now shaping the state's museum community. We thought we'd share some early responses with you: