How Do We Prove the Value of Museums? Annual Conference Registration Now Open

Feb 04, 2011
Have you made your plans yet to join your colleagues from across New York State at the 2011 NYS Museums in Conversation conference this April 3-5 in Buffalo?  You won't want to miss the timely, forward-thinking discussions about the critical importance of proving our value.

2/1/11: Governor's Executive Budget Announced

Feb 01, 2011
The Governor's Executive Budget for FY11 mostly slices 10% across the board from agency budgets.  Here's what we know: NYSCA:  local assistance funding (grants) has been reduced 10%, from $35.2M to $31.6; NYSCA administration has also been reduced 10%, to $4.4M Zoos, Botanical Gardens and Aquariums:  No reduction at $9M Environmental Protection Fund:  No reduction at $134M  (some historic preservation funding is here) Tourism:  $3.6 M for I Love NY; $3.8M for local assistance to the tourism promotion agencies

2011 MANY Legislative and Budgetary Priorities

Jan 10, 2011
No More Arts and Cultural Cuts in 2011-2012 State Budget

Time is Running Out

Dec 29, 2010
Happy New Year from The Museum Association of New York!  In these final few days of 2010 we ask that you consider how your membership has allowed MANY to serve you with a wide range of information and advocacy education.

Dec 21, 2010

2010-2011 MANY Benefits Survey

Dec 03, 2010
Revamping cost-sharing of health insurance for 2011? Wondering what others are budgeting for cost of living increases? The 2010-2011 Benefits Survey can help you with these and other decisions regarding employee benefit. This survey tracks a host of salary increase data, insurance programs, retirement options, and days off from nearly 100 participating museums and heritage organizations across NYS.

2010 Annual Appeal Underway!

Nov 28, 2010
Each year at this time, the Museum Association of New York mounts its year-end fundraising effort as a way of ensuring we end the year in the black.  "The Annual Appeal is a key part of our income strategy," explains MANY Director Anne Ackerson, "MANY is no different than other nonprofits who seek extraordinary financial support from members and friends."

Thinking About Starting a Museum or Historical Society?

Nov 23, 2010
Did you know that about 25 new museums/heritage organizations are incorporated in New York State every year?  That there are already nearly 2,000 collecting institutions ranging from world-class museums to all-volunteer historical societies?  Where will your idea fit and how will it survive? "Eight Pieces of Advice for Nonprofit Start-ups" from the website Grant Source will get you started thinking about creating a business plan and getting advice.

New York State's Museums: Building Community

Nov 18, 2010
The state’s diverse and vibrant museum community is central to the economic vitality of New York State and the education of its youth. They annually employ 17,000 people, generate more than $1 billion into the state’s economy each year, and serve more than 6 million school children with standards-based programs. Museums and heritage organizations help create community identity, function as economic engines, and provide educational opportunities for schoolchildren and their families that are not otherwise, in many areas, available.

100+ People Attend Member Briefings this Fall

Nov 04, 2010