Please support the Museum Association of New York through our 2015 Annual Appeal

Dear Museum Advocate,


Our focus at the Museum Association of New York (MANY) never waivers from our mission to be the key statewide resource for fostering healthy museums in New York.


This vision is grounded in good governance, standards attainment, transparency, accountability, and leadership. Our vision flows from a mission that is squarely focused on delivering innovative education and training opportunities, timely and trusted information, advocacy for important issues, and by facilitating flexible communications networks that encourage information and resource sharing.


It is thanks to the generous contributions of museum professionals from across New York State that  MANY was able to accomplish more than ever before for New York State museums including:


·       Drawing a record number of museum professionals to the  Museums Mean Business Conference at the Corning Museum of Glass. MANY’s Annual Conferences are consistently the largest gathering of museum professionals in New York State.


·       Advocating for the Museum Education Act, which was introduced by Senator Betty Little and Assemblyman Matthew Titone, is a 2016 Legislative Priority for the New York State Board of Regents. The Museum Education Act would provide substantial funding for museums, historical societies, zoos, and botanical gardens to integrate curricula and museum programs.

·       Partnering with Don Wildman, host of TV’s Mysteries at the Museum, on Artifact New York, an educational blog that will share fascinating stories about museum artifacts from across the state, promoting visitation.


·       Growing our membership statewide to include a diverse array of museums, historical societies, zoos, botanical gardens and aquariums from every region.


·       Administering $102,000 in NYSCA-funded grants, processing a record number of applications for MANY’s Mini-Grant program.


·       Partnering with the Retail Council of New York State and Blackbaud to provide infrastructural assets like credit card processing and discounts on database systems for organizational members.


·       Facilitating 10 Regional Meet Ups in each REDC region of New York State.


Our goal is to raise $10,000 to support more ground-breaking MANY initiatives in 2016. I hope we can count on you to help us reach this goal.   This funding will allow us to accomplish major organizational goals for next year, including:


·       Addressing the essential value of museums at the Museums: Core to Communities Conference in Lake Placid in April, 2016


·       Partnering with the New York State Council on the Humanities to help facilitate and promote a museums and humanities Advocacy Day in New York City.


·       Facilitating a travelling educational program with TV’s Don Wildman from Mysteries at the Museum to promote museum collections in New York State.


·       Providing up-to-date statistical information about trends in the museum field.


We know that the museum industry is important to you.


And MANY is crucial to the success and growth of the museum industry that you love. MANY is the only statewide organization that represents museums, historical societies, botanical gardens and views. It is through MANY that New York State museums have an organized voice as advocates for government support.


As a professional invested in the museum field, you know that the accomplishments and goals that MANY sets are accompanied by many challenges. As the tide for government support of the museum industry is finally beginning to turn, now is a critical moment for MANY to act on behalf of our members.

Click here to donate, or send checks payable to The Museum Association of New York at 265 River Street in Troy, NY 12210.


I hope that we can count on your support today. Your donation will ensure that MANY is ready to address the issues that face the museum field. On behalf of our staff and our Board of Directors, thank you for your dedication to MANY and the museum industry.


Devin Lander

Executive Director

Museum Association of New York