Call for Support

June 1, 2017


Dear Members, Supporters, and Friends,


We are greeting summer with plans for an exciting fall including an important advance in our technology and member management systems. We have struggled for years with outdated hardware incompatible with current software and an ill-suited database that, as many of you have learned, seems to spontaneously duplicate your account while losing your data!


We are writing now to ask for your support as we move to a member management system with an intuitive user interface that complies with the highest Internet security protocols, creates a unique numerical login code for each member (preventing duplications), and streamlines financial transactions. 


There have been few times in its 60-year history of serving New York State’s museum field, when MANY has asked for your financial support beyond member dues.  MANY now needs your help to be a better resource for you and your organization.


Please consider making a tax-deductible donation now, in whatever amount you can afford, to the Museum Association of New York.  You can use the “Donate Now” button on our website (confidant that it may be the last time you see this interface) or mail a check to:


Museum Association of New York

265 River Street

Troy, NY 12180


Robert K. Cassetti
President, Board of Trustees
Erika Sanger
Executive Director