Governor Announces $1M for "Path Through History"

Governor Cuomo Speaks to participants in "Path Through History" Conference

Albany, August 28:  Tuesday's day-long “Path Through History” conference in Albany brought historians, museum representatives and related experts together for a little NYS history cheerleading and to present the work of 10 regional task forces that have been meeting to envision how heritage and cultural sites can be marketed through collaborative efforts.  The regional task force concept is patterned after Governor Andrew Cuomo’s regional economic development model.

More than a Thruway signage program, "Path Through History" is intended to provide state support of museums and heritage sites through a new website and smartphone app designed to help travelers plan trips and learn history.   It's all in development with expectation to be rolled out later this year.

"Path Through History" Logo will appear on highway signage.

But the heart of the program includes "iconic" highway signage (200 planned covering all 10 regions) that features the "Path Though History" logo along with a factoid -- kind of like the traditional blue and gold historical markers, but more contemporary in design.

As the afternoon presentations drew to a close, the Governor announced that he was making funding available in $100,000 pots for each of the 10 regions to encourage partnerships and marketing.  No word yet as to how/when implementation takes place.