NYS Museum Week 2013

I LOVE NEW YORK is excited to continue supporting the museum community

throughout New York State through the promotion and celebration of the 2nd Annual New York State Museum Week 2013- June 10-16, 2013 as part of Path Through History.

The I LOVE NY team is planning to initiate the following program elements to build public awareness of the commemoration of all of the wonderful museums spread throughout the state:

  • Topic pages to share information about New York State Museum Week, as well as the specific museums that are participating and they deals/packages they are offering as part of the celebration;
  • Press Releases,  PR Events Radio & PSA Announcement (April 8- June 2 sent to over 200 stations across the state);
  • Social Media support as well as E-Newsletters/E-blasts.

How You Can Participate in NYS Museum Week

  • If you would like to be included as a participating museum we ask that a contact from the institution complete the registration form that can be accessed through this link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/YY8YTHD
  • By participating you are required & agree to:
    • offer a special discount (such as buy one admission receive the second free or a percentage off)
    • special programming/event(s) for the week long celebration (this doesn’t have to be a one-off, you may choose to feature one of your existing programs/events)
  • We would additionally like to get your support  by having your team:
    • place a banner ad on your website and/or in your newsletter that links to information about the program;
    • look to tie your existing programming for June 10- 16th into the overall New York State Museum Week 2013 promotion by listing activities on your own page;
    • look to work with the other museums, restaurants and lodging facilities to create area packages to get your audience to spend more time in your area.

Logo files and banner ads will be sent to you after registration has been completed. We are very hopeful that this year, like last year, will be a successful program helping to build the awareness of the amazing museums throughout the State of New York!