Shared Visions Inc.

Kristin [Kris] Jefferson

330 West 56th Street #5m
New York, NY 10019
212 245-1138
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Statement of Work: 
Accomplished �cultural entrepreneur� with a proven record of creating, discovering, interpreting and disseminating culturally significant artistic properties that educate, entertain and encourage trans-cultural appreciation through a wide-range of revenue-generating,cross-disciplinary, public and private enterprises. Kris Jefferson has worked nationally and in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean as a visual anthropologist, arts and film producer, curator, art dealer, consultant, writer, and professor. She believes art is a vital social force that should and can extend beyond the traditional art world to build community across geographic and cultural borders. In order to do this it must never avoid creative risks or be encumbered by political censure. Kris� extensive cross-disciplinary arts background informs and expands her vision of individual artistic activity as well as her commitment to cross-cultural collaborations and exchanges that engage diverse groups of artists and audiences. Kris has long been an advocate of pioneering artistic practices and programs which draw from traditional as well as new media arts. Her emphasis is on works that make sense of the interface of art and media with culture, spirituality, the environment, and technology. Kris sees this interface as a driver for social change and the inspiration for new cultural possibilities. She is particularly aware of the need for new venues and initiatives to facilitate these possibilities. The contribution she continues to make is to conceive, produce and curate rich interdisciplinary public art and media experiences and events that showcase, and promote innovative works by world artists who give voice and vision to our contemporary global culture and encourage progressive social change.
Client List: 
Curator/CUNY/Witness - A Look Back To The Future/911 Curator/CUNY/Richard Yarde - Picturing A People Guest Curator/Jennings Gallery/Richard Yarde - Blues Producer/The Jamestown Project/America I Am Consultant/Boston Center for the Arts Consulting Producer/Library of Congress Art Dealer/Beauford Delaney Estate Art Dealer/Many Private Art collectors and collections Conceptual Artist, and Writer
Event Planning | Marketing/Promotion | Organizational Assessment & Development | Policy Writing & Development | Strategic & Long Range Planning || Curator, Documentary film, Conceptual artist maker
Collections Management: 
Archival Arrangement & Description | Cataloging | Research | Space Utilization
Design | Research | Installation | Videography | Exhibition Development | Exhibition Evaluation
Education Programming: 
Community Relations | Cultural Tourism | Curriculum Development | Historians & Lecturers | Planning | Program Evaluation
Research | Writing