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Preparator/Driver Naglee Fine Arts, Elmira, NY

  • July 20, 2020 11:47 AM
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    Naglee Fine Arts is an Art Transportation company established in 1997 . Naglee Fine Arts seeks to build a relationship of trust with our clients in order to serve their unique challenges. We strive to provide peace of mind through outstanding service, attention to detail, flexibility, and a personal experience. Passion and respect for the arts motivates every member of our experienced Naglee team, ensuring the safety of a shipment from door to door. Our clients represent some of the most prestigious museums and institutions of the Northeast and internationally. 

    Position: Preparator/Driver

    A work of art is at its most vulnerable when being handled or moved. 

    As a member of the Fine Arts Division a preparator works directly with objects in museums, art galleries and various other venues including private collectors, corporate art collections, public art collections and various other institutions. Art handlers work in coordination with registrars, collection managers, conservators, exhibition designers and curators, among others, to ensure objects are safely handled and cared for. Responsibilities include packing and unpacking art, installing and deinstalling art in exhibitions, moving art around museums and storage spaces, transporting and unloading safely. 

    Job Description: Art handlers and preparators are first and foremost responsible for ensuring the safety of artifacts and works of art. Art handlers must carefully pack objects in crates with appropriate materials to protect them from damage while in transit. Some objects may require building custom boxes or custom crates. Similarly, when objects come into a gallery or museum, art handlers must carefully unpack the objects, paying close attention to how they were originally packed and arranged in their container. Art handlers and preparators also load and unload crates from trucks. When loading crates and packages inside an art transportation truck, art handlers and preparators must be sure to secure the crates and packages to the walls and floor of the truck storage area to prevent any type of movement during transit. Art handlers may also interact with a courier accompanying the object during its transport. Preparators/drivers are responsible for preparing packing and shipping paperwork.

    A preparator can be responsible for photographing objects and writing condition reports. General collections care, such as monitoring environmental conditions, practicing preventive conservation, and accurate inventories in art storage spaces are also priorities for preparators.

    Physical Activities: 

    ·       Must be able to lift and safely handle objects weighing minimum of 75 pounds. 

    ·       Ability to ascend and descend ladders and lifts, as well as work from them. 

    ·       Ability to sit for extended periods of time ex. riding in truck.

    ·       Able to pass a DOT vision test

    ·       Able to pass a DOT physical


    ·       Minimum high school diploma

    ·       Preference will be given to candidates with a BA in Art, Art History or BFA

    ·       Knowledge of art and art history preferred

    ·       Strong interpersonal, customer service and problem-solving skills

    ·       Excellent attention to detail and effective time management

    ·       Valid driver’s license

    ·       Ability to maintain and understand client confidentiality

    ·       Some knowledge of woodworking and woodworking tools

    ·       Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel and Outlook)

    Working Conditions

    As a part of a dynamic team a preparator will perform a variety of duties including office work, wood shop duties, warehouse and driving. Out of town trips may be scheduled every week or every other week, with hotel overnight stays required, generally one night. Long periods of driving and/or sitting. 

    Contact: jperrault@nagleegroup.com https://www.nagleegroup.com/fine-arts/

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